• Rev. Wayne A. Lewis

Mercy and Grace

There’s no skin colour for Mercy

There’s no skin colour for Grace

There’s just Mercy and Grace

Listen to their voices and hear what they say.

I am black

I am a Christian

But you Make a judgement call

First by what you see

You make a decision by what you see

You decided to rob my future by prolonging my trial date and have me charged as an adult for a youth crime. Yah, I was wrong and guilty

Your plan for me to have a record followed me

And interrupted my destiny

It did not stop me

Because God had a plan for me

I was created on purpose for His purpose.

Father I forgive them, for the know not what they do.

I rise and will accomplish the will of God for my life and the lives of those I am accountable for.

Shall not the judge of all the earth deal justly?

I have been tried, and tested and still I rise

I’m a new creation in Christ

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