• Rev. Wayne A. Lewis

3 Ps

In first aid you learn the

Preserve life

Prevent further injury

Promote recovery

You call 911 if the situation is out of your control and medical attention is needed. They might arrive in this order.

EMS emergency medical system




At home with your family as the husband and wife, single father or single mother, you see first hand the battle ground. We are in war, the good news is, we are on the side of victory. As parents and spouses we must seriously make a commitment every day to pray for one another.

If you see them in danger help, you are their first responder. Don’t turn your head as if you did not see what just happened.

“The battle for our marriages and children’s lives is waged on our knees. When we don’t pray, it’s like sitting on the sidelines watching our children in a war zone getting shot at from every angle. When we do pray, we’re in the battle alongside them, appropriating God’s power on their behalf. If we also declare the Word of God in our prayers, then we wield a powerful weapon against which no enemy can prevail” (Stormie Omartian).

Lord, by your incomprehensible love for us, you sent your Son to die that we might call you Father and be adopted as your children. You invite us into the most intimate Holy of Holies through the shed blood of Jesus. God, may we be men and women who come! Draw us in, Lord, that through our prayers, we might go before our children in every way. May they walk no road that hasn’t already been covered in our prayers for them. Make us parents who pray for our children and through our prayers, transform our families for your glory. Thank you, Lord, for the work you are doing and will do in our hearts, in our children's , and in our families as we draw near to you. In Jesus name

King David fasted and prayed

At some point after the baby was born Nathan the prophet confronted David about his sin. David confessed and repented (2 Samuel 12:1-14).

Even though David repented before God, there were still consequences for his actions. The prophet told David that the child would die. After the prophet left, the young boy became very ill. David immediately went into prayer and fasting for his son. He knew that God said the child would die, but he had hoped that he might find grace in the eyes of God.

David refused to eat while the child was ill. After the seventh day his son died. When David’s servants told him about the child’s death, David cleaned himself up, ceased from his mourning and began to eat once again (2 Samuel 12:15-20).

The servants were surprised by the actions of the king. But David said that now that the child had died, there was nothing that could be done. He would one day see his son again in Heaven (2 Samuel 12:23).

Jesus is coming back for His church. Let’s get our houses and families in order before it’s too late.


Cherise N Lewis

His grace is sufficient

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